Gattimela 23 December 2021 Written Update Full Episode Amulya and Aarti back to inseparable sisters

Gattimela 23 December 2021 Written Update- Gattimela is an Indian Kannada-language television soap opera that airs on Zee Kannada and on ZEE5 even before the TV Telecast. Gattimela Tv Show is Released on 11 March 2019 Directed by R Kiran & Written by Nischitha Sharath.

Synopsis- The show is about the responsibilities that the protagonists, Vedanth and Amulya, share. With time, Vedanth develops feelings for Amulya but refuses to express them as his reputation is at stake.

Gattimela 23 December 2021 Written Update

Show Name YRKKH
Release11 March 2019
Running Time20–22 Minutes
ChannelZee Kannada
Telecast Timings8:00 PM
Telecast DayMonday To Friday
Gattimela Written Update

Gattimela 23 December 2021 Written Update

Gattimela is a Serial of Zee Kannada which is aired every Monday to Friday on Television and the latest episode of Gattimela has been aired. The new episode is aired on 23 December 2021 Written Update: Amulya and Aarti are back to inseparable sisters.

In today’s episode, Vikranth tells Dhruva that they can find their mother through DNA tests. Dhruva asks whom will they tally their DNA with. Vaidehi comes and gives coffee. Vikranth and Dhruva complement the coffee and tell her that it’s like their grandmother’s coffee. Amulya comes and tells Aarti that she feels better.

Aarti leaves and finds Amulya and her photos on the wall. Aarti smiles and Amulya comes to the room and tells her that they spent their lives happily in their house and tells her that she was happy to come to this house because Aartj was there.

Amulya asks Aarti why they can’t stay as happy sisters in this house as well. Aarti asks why she’s asking like that. Amulya tells people might try to separate them, but if they stay strong nothing can come in between them. Aarti tells that’s true and asks Amulya whom did she mean. Amulya says she was talking in general. Amulya says they’ll solve their problems themselves.

Aarti apologizes and hugs her. Suhasini sees this and gets pissed. Vaidehi tells Vedanth to tie his shoelace. Vaidehi ties his lace and says he didn’t know how to tie since childhood. Vedanth asks her how does she know that. Vaidehi tells him that he’s her son. Vedanth gets shocked. Vaidehi tells she meant that even her son is like that. Vedanth tells her to not touch his feet again as he respects her.

Aarti tells Amulya that they’ll cook together. Amulya agrees. Aarti asks what’s her favourite breakfast. Amulya tells her to prepare rava idli as it’s Aarti’s favourite. Aarti asks her to tell her favourite. Vedanth tells Suhasini about Vaidehi and she gets paranoid. Sarthak comes home and scolds Aarti and Amulya. They ask him what’s wrong with him. Sarthak warns them to not fight again. They laugh and assure him that everything’s fine.

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