9XM TV Schedule Guide List Today

13 August 2021

9XM TV Channel is an Indian free-to-air channel music is focused on Hindi-language bollywood music videos destination. 9XM TV Channel was launched in Mid October 2007 and The channel is owned by 9X Media.

Get your daily dose of Bollywood Entertainment with latest hindi songs, latest bollywood news, hindi movie trailers, bollywood gossip, Live Online TV, music videos and much more on 9XM TV Channel.

Your fix of addictive bollywood music & humor with animated characters like Bade-Chote, Bheegi Billi & Betel Nuts. You can watch your favourite 9XM TV shows on the timings mentioned in below. Let’s know more about the 9XM TV Schedule-

Launched October 2007
Country India
9XM TV Cable Channel
Asianet Digital 549
Kerala Vision 320
9XM TV DTH Channel 
Tata Sky 809
Dish TV 3997
d2h 277
Airtel Digital TV 484
Dish Home 307
Akash DTH 356

9XM TV Schedule Guide

Bade-Chote’s Playlist11:30 PM12:30 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist12:30 AM01:00 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist01:00 AM01:30 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist01:30 AM02:00 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist02:00 AM02:30 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist02:30 AM03:00 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist03:00 AM03:30 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist03:30 AM04:00 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist04:00 AM04:30 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist04:30 AM05:00 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist05:00 AM05:30 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist05:30 AM06:00 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist06:00 AM06:30 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist06:30 AM07:00 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist07:00 AM07:30 AM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist07:30 AM08:00 AM
9xm Fit – Hits08:00 AM08:30 AM
9xm Fit – Hits08:30 AM09:00 AM
9xm Fit – Hits09:00 AM09:30 AM
9xm Fit – Hits09:30 AM10:00 AM
9xm Fit – Hits10:00 AM10:30 AM
9xm Fit – Hits10:30 AM11:00 AM
9XM Super Swag11:00 AM11:30 AM
9XM Super Swag11:30 AM12:00 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist12:00 PM12:30 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist12:30 PM01:00 PM
Chill Kar Chote01:00 PM01:30 PM
Chill Kar Chote01:30 PM02:00 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist02:00 PM02:30 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist02:30 PM03:00 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist03:00 PM03:30 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist03:30 PM04:00 PM
9XM Super Swag04:00 PM04:30 PM
9XM Super Swag04:30 PM05:00 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist05:00 PM05:30 PM
9XM Ask Track05:30 PM06:00 PM
9XM Ask Track06:00 PM06:30 PM
9XM Ask Track06:30 PM07:00 PM
9XM Super Swag07:00 PM07:30 PM
9XM Super Swag07:30 PM08:00 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist08:00 PM08:30 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist08:30 PM09:00 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist09:00 PM09:30 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist09:30 PM10:00 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist10:00 PM10:30 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist10:30 PM11:00 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist11:00 PM11:30 PM
Bade-Chote’s Playlist11:30 PM12:30 AM

FAQs- 9XM TV Schedule Today

How can I watch 9XM TV live?

Watch 9XM TV & Shows Online on ZEE5 & MX player.

Who is 9XM TV owner?

The channel is owned by 9X Media.

Where can I watch 9XM?

Watch 9XM on ZEE5 & MX player.

Is 9XM free channel?

9XM is an Indian free-to-air channel music channel

Here is all 9xm tv programs full list. I Hope this 9XM TV Schedule Today India is helpful to get to know when are your favorite show will start today. If you like this schedule of 9xm tv then share it on social media & you have any queries or suggestions regarding this schedule then feel free & comment you’re through in the comment box

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