Pushpa Hit or Flop Know Movie Verdict?

Pushpa movie has been released in theatres on 17 December 2021 and Pushpa is an Indian Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu language Action & Thriller Movie Directed by Sukumar Bandreddi. If you are interested to know Pushpa Hit or Flop and Total Pushpa Box Office Collection Then Read till the end to know the Verdict of the film.

The Pushpa Movie is Top Starring Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna, Dhananjay, Jagapati Babu, Prakash Raj, Harish Uthaman, Vennela Kishore, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Anish Kuruvilla & Jagadeesh Bhandari. Let’s know more about the Pushpa movies Have a look at the Pushpa movie trailer.

Pushpa Movie

Pushpa Movie Details

Directed Sukumar
Produced Naveen Yerneni
Y. Ravi Shankar
Written Sukumar
Music Devi Sri Prasad
BudgetRs. 200-250 Crore Approx.
Box office– 240 Crore

Let’s know more about Is Pushpa a Hit or Flop and Pushpa Box Office Collection details–

Is Pushpa Hit or Flop?

Pushpa movie Hit or flop is decided on the basis of their box office performance and also the reviews of movies. if a movie making a profit for its makers is a hit and if a movie that does not make enough money for its makers is called a flop.

In Others Words, If a film earns more than its cost then it is called a hit film and on the basis of the amount earned by the film is given the status of a flop, hit, superhit & blockbuster film. There is no official confirmation about the exact figure of the Pushpa Movie budget but according to Wikipedia, Pushpa’s total Budget is 200-250 Crores. If Pushpa Movie earns more than its cost then it is called a hit film. let’s know about the Pushpa Movie Box Office Collection.

Pushpa Box Office Day 1 Collection

Day 1 TotalLanguage
1st Friday₹ 45.78 CrTe: 38.15 Cr
Hi: 3.33 Cr
Ta: 2.55 Cr
Mal: 1.75 Cr

Pushpa Box Office Day 2 Collection

Day 2 TotalLanguage
1st Saturday₹ 31.04 CrTe: 22.8 Cr
Hi: 3.79 Cr
Ta: 2.35 Cr
Mal: 2.1 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 3 Collection

Day 3TotalLanguage
1st Sunday₹ 33.56 CrTe: 23.12 Cr
Hi: 5.56 Cr
Ta: 2.73 Cr
Mal: 2.15 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 4 Collection

Day 4TotalLanguage
1st Monday₹ 16.15 CrTe: 10.53 Cr
Hi: 3.7 Cr
Ta: 1.03 Cr
Mal: 0.89 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 5 Collection

Day 5TotalLanguage
1st Tuesday₹ 11.21 CrTe: 6.21 Cr
Hi: 3.6 Cr
Ta: 0.83 Cr
Mal: 0.57 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 6 Collection

Day 6TotalLanguage
1st Wednesday₹ 8.24 CrTe: 3.66 Cr
Hi: 3.53 Cr
Ta: 0.64 Cr
Mal: 0.41 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 7 Collection

Day 7TotalLanguage
1st Thursday₹ 6.17 CrTe: 1.97 Cr
Hi: 3.38 Cr
Ta: 0.55 Cr
Mal: 0.27 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 8 Collection

Day 8TotalLanguage
2nd Friday₹ 5.99 CrTe: 3.19 Cr
Hi: 2.35 Cr
Ta: 0.3 Cr
Mal: 0.15 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 9 Collection

Day 9TotalLanguage
2nd Saturday₹ 9.76 CrTe: 5.24 Cr
Hi: 3.8 Cr
Ta: 0.52 Cr
Mal: 0.2 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 10 Collection

Day 10TotalLanguage
2nd Sunday₹ 10.23 CrTe: 5.23 Cr
Hi: 4.3 Cr
Ta: 0.5 Cr
Mal: 0.2 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 11 Collection

Day 11TotalLanguage
2nd Monday₹ 4.7 CrTe: 1.72 Cr
Hi: 2.75 Cr
Ta: 0.15 Cr
Mal: 0.08 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 12 Collection

Day 11TotalLanguage
2nd Tuesday₹ 3.89 CrTe: 1.21 Cr
Hi: 2.5 Cr
Ta: 0.13 Cr
Mal: 0.05 Cr

Pushpa Box Office day 13 Collection

Day 11TotalLanguage
2nd Wednesday PendingTe:

There is no official confirmation about the Pushpa Box Office day 12 Collection but we will update you shortly stay tuned with us

Pushpa Box Office Total Collection India

All DayTotalLanguage
Net Collection₹ 186.72 CrTe: 123.03 Cr
Hi: 42.59 Cr
Ta: 12.28 Cr
Mal: 8.82 Cr

Pushpa Movie Verdict

IMDb – The most comprehensive and authoritative source of information on Movies & TV Show and its registered users can cast a vote from 1 to 10 on every released movie & tv show use them to calculate a single rating Currently, IMDb users have given a weighted average vote

 Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1
(2021) on IMDb

Times Of India3/5*
Indian Express3/5*
Great Andhra2.5/5*
India Today3/5*

The Verdict of the Pushpa Movie is Currently Not Available. Stay tuned With us to know Pushpa Hit or Flop?

FAQ’S Pushpa Movie

1. Pushpa Movie Release Date?

–  17 December 2021

2. What is the Rating of Pushpa Movie?

– 18,220 IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 8.2/10 (12-29-2021)

3. What is the budget of Pushpa movie?

Rs. 200-250 Crore Approx.

4. Pushpa box office collection?

– Currently, Not Available

5. Is Pushpa movie good or bad?

– 18,220 IMDb users average vote of 8.2/10

6. Pushpa movie collections in Indian rupees?

– Currently, Not Available

7. Is Pushpa a Hit or Flop?

– The Verdict of the Pushpa Movie Status Not Available.

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